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Cutting & Finish

Wellington hairdressers believe that a successful hairstyle’s foundation is in a quality haircut that considers all aspects – face shape, density of hair and your lifestyle. Your visit begins with a four-point consultation in which we discuss the condition of your scalp, hair and your preference in colour and style. Afterward, you’ll receive an individualised shampoo, scalp massage and conditioning treatment.



A mastered art at Rakis on Collins, our principal colorists’ and haircuts expertise lay in all areas. Opaque to sheer, highlights, blazed and grey coverage. We can provide you with other various smoothing and straightening services and encourage you to discuss prices with your colourist as each treatment may differ based on individual needs.



Your hair’s condition is the essence of our work at Rakis on Collins. Unless your hair is in good condition, the rest of our hairdressing is not realised. We deliver many hair treatments. Including shampoo and conditioner advice, products for home use and follow-up phone calls to check-in on your progress. come to our hair salon and get the best hair treatment in Wellington.


Professional Services

A revolutionary keratin-based hair treatment. Keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails. The results of a Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment are visible immediately, with the hair looking healthy and youthful, lasting for up to two months. Processing takes 1.5–3 hours, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. This service is not advisable during pregnancy.


Alex Smith / Hairdress Manager

Excellent clipper skills and majestic with his scissors. Alex originates from South East London and now residing in Wellington.
We offer the best hairdressers services in Wellington.


Welcome to Wellington Hairdressers, a traditional Hair Salon business focused on making you look and feel great. Centrally located in Wellington for your convenience. Our Salon services and hairstyling products have been specifically designed to help keep the modern day Wellington gent looking his best at all times.

Styling Range

It is our belief that every great haircut deserves an even better styling product. Explore our famous Wellington Hairdressers hairstyling range created by our in-house team of esteemed professional haircut. All of Wellington styling products are unique water-based formulations suitable for both contemporary and classic hairstyling. By choosing the correct styling product you can enhance any hairstyle.

Wellington's Best Hairdressers

Wellington hairdressers is proudly listed as one of Wellington’s best known and trustworthy Hair Salon, as featured in numerous publications including Timeout Magazine – Wellington Hairdressers.

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